Relax and Wellness. Belvedere Hiking Hotel South Tyrol

Finally breathing freely!

When the green of the meadows makes time disappear – enjoy an enhanced quality of life with the new Vitalpina “Breathing” concept.

A walk in the morning through the soft early morning mist, looking out across the wide meadows, smelling the dew, feeling the spirit... simply properly breathing freely once again! The hustle and bustle of everyday life fade into the background, and the blossoming flower meadows and elegant larches take the place of worries and concerns, a mountain panorama lost in time, just here and now. Exercise and a sense of adventure in green nature free your mind and, with each breath, the joy of life is increased.

The staff of the Hotel treat you with the new “Breathing” program (with a Vitalpina video) and accompany you on a journey of discovery.

As Vitalpina trainers, we have been trained specifically for this program and help you to weave the conscious “Breathing” concept like a golden thread into your daily routine. As part of the guided Vitalpina hikes, we provide tips and advice for relaxing and energizing exercises, while our massages take up the topic of breathing and distinguish themselves through their particularly relaxing and releasing effects.