Mountain biking tours in and around Jenesien

If you spend your mountain biking holiday at the Belvedere Hotel in Jenesien, you will be able to explore the unspoiled nature of the Salten, the provincial capital of Bolzano/Bozen or one of the many surrounding single trails.

The hosts themselves are avid mountain bikers and will gladly provide you with tips about the most popular surrounding bike routes and tours:

  • Jenesien-Afing-Schwarzegg-Flaas

    Varied bicycle tour along forest roads, asphalt roads and gravel paths.

    Duration2 1/2 h
    Elevation gain850 m

    Bicycle into the village to the tourist association, where the road 3a begins, which you will follow until you reach the main road to Avigna. Then you will follow the tarred road to the village.

    Pass the Baumannhof farm over the circular route Monte Nero/Schwarzegg leading up to the high plateau. Go along the asphalt road and gravel path to Burgerhof farm and onward to Velasio on the asphalt road. Return on the LS 99 to San Genesio and back to the hotel.

  • Mountain bike tour: Lafenn-Mölten-Bozen

    Mountain bike tour fromJenesien over Lafenn-Meltina-Terlano to Bolzano

    Duration3 h
    Elevation gain1300 m

    Starting from Belvedere Hotel, pass through the village on the asphalt road past the pharmacy, up to Edelweiß inn, and from there follow the E5 and further along the small roads (7A and 7) to Gschnofer Stall, just before Lafenn. The road leads on to Tschaufenhaus and over a small, asphalt road to Frassineto/Verschneid, where you will change to the road to Meltina and begin the descent to Terlano. From Terlano travel on the Etschradweg cycling trail back to Bolzano.

    Attention - do not miss the crossroads to Bolzano (after you have passed Sigmundskron Castle) where you must turn to the left. Follow this road until you come to a yellow cycle bridge. Do not cross this, but turn to the left until you reach the cable car to San Genesio. Take the cable car to San Genesio back to the hotel.

    Alternative: If you aren't completely fatigued after this trip, you can take the main road to San Genesio by bike instead of going back by cable car.

    …but only if you are extremely fit!