Enjoy our healthy delicacies!

What about cannelloni filled with Tyrolean grey cheese and apple tiramisu for dessert? Our national cuisine combines the best of two worlds: Mediterranean lightness and Alpine savouriness.

The concurrence of different cultural circles in South Tyrol has always significantly influenced the cuisine of the region. Here, rustic Tyrolean specialties and the Mediterranean culinary diversity of Italy have evolved into an independent South Tyrolean cuisine.

The basis of South Tyrolean cuisine is the use of fresh, local seasonal produce, carefully prepared so that all of the vitamins remain. Crispy apples, tenderly smoked bacon and wines full of character are just some of the products that have made South Tyrol famous even outside its borders. Our local, natural products thrive in the fresh air of the mild, sunny climate of South Tyrol and are processed with care.

Thus, our refined dishes do not only please the palate, but also promote health and vitality.

We are committed to this high culinary standard in our hotel kitchen as well. Light, seasonal cuisine, prepared from local farm ingredients and accompanied by appropriate fine wine, provides the basis for the gourmet cuisine at Belvedere hotel.