This is what South Tyrol tastes like!

Frieda’s – a holiday for the palate!

Since we know where our products come from we also know what a special taste they have. And it is this sensational experience that we want to share with you too. To ensure that our guests enjoy the culinary experience we provide, we are constantly reducing the processes which our foods go through and we even refine some of the things ourselves. Thanks to the creative ingenuity of our kitchen team, you will find nourishing, wholesome cooking every day in Frieda’s, where you can also enjoy regional dishes cooked in the true country style: traditional and modern ideas are to be found here side by side, too, just like the cultures that characterise our country.

This passion for delicious and healthy food is shared by numerous farmers in the region; therefore, South Tyrol’s various quality products have a leading role on our menu. Guests of the Belvedere Hotel are served the best local and international cuisine with a Mediterranean flair.