The sauna area at Belvedere Hotel

A peaceful retreat ...

Although, at first glance, peacefulness seems very unspectacular, it offers a lot of space for new things. But this pleasant feeling of complete peace and tranquillity is not only to be found in the forest, but also in the heart of our hotel.

In the herbal sauna you can take a deep breath and the steam bath with its high levels of air moisture has a pleasant, cleansing and toning effect flattering the senses with aromatic herbal flavour applications.

The recreation rooms at Belvedere

When was the last time you did not have to work, cook, organize something or telephone someone? When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Leave all your stress, rush and worries behind and enter, perhaps after a relaxing sauna, one of our recreation rooms.

Enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the South Tyrolean Alpine world, stretch out on our comfortable and relaxing lounge chairs and do nothing, absolutely nothing. Stress, hectic, everyday problems will disappear from your mind and absolute well-being will take their place. Here you can relax after an enjoyable active day.