Gym, Hotel Belvedere, San Genesio

Fitness zone with fantastic view

Not only have we introduced new perspectives in our hotel architecture but we have also chosen a dynamic, multi-dimensional concept for the fitness area: flexibility training, coordination, power, stamina and speed.

This means you can train and exercise all movement- and muscle functions which are essential for bodily health and stamina, but it also ensures that workouts are really great fun. Our training area in the new slope-top extension wing is fitted with high-end equipment from Precor, Queenax and Flexisports: treadmill, adaptive motion trainer (all with TV-, iPOD- and headphone connections), spinning, cable-tower, weight machine. Extended with a Queenax functional training zone: wall bars, medicine balls, dips, TRX trainer, battle rope, box sack, plyometrics board, bar & superfunctional suspended bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, superbands, balance pads.

The extremely high quality Playground Floor Mat (Made in Germany) with coordinative elements is the first of its kind in the world: certified in accordance with the strict AGR rules (AGR - Healthy Back Campaign) – ‘backbone-friendly’ products for people who workout! They absorb up to 60% of the load on the hips and knee-joints.