Infinity Pool, Hotel Belvedere, South Tyrol, Italy

Infinity Pool & Outdoor Whirlpool

As far as the horizon…

...our thoughts float off freely, as we lie relaxing on the couch after a sauna session and let our minds “freewheel”. And that is how far our pool stretches, too, if you let yourself float there effortlessly. Out there in the distance where the sky and the Earth finally meet, you will find the peace and quiet that you are always looking for when you are on holiday.

The entry to the Infinity Pool is from indoors. In front of the sauna area there is an Outdoor Whirlpool with water at a temperature of about 35-36 degrees which also offers equally spectacular views. To complete the range of facilities for maximum relaxation and regeneration, we also provide two spacious relaxation rooms, waterbeds, 3 saunas, as well as oases of peace and tranquility spread over a number of levels in our pleasure spa and wellness areas.

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