Recharge your batteries in Salten

In the realm of the “Stoanernen Mandln”: the mystical Salten above Bolzano/Bozen, with its expansive and dreamlike meadows, has something magical about it.

Anyone taking their first stroll over the Salten can sense it: an incredible peace emerges from the large, elegant larches that define the high plateau. They border the road on the left and on the right, reverential giants set amidst rich green meadows. In the distance is the panorama of the Rosengarten mountain. The Salten and also the Belvedere Hotel are places meant for catching one’s breath, for clearing one’s mind, for collecting oneself. Particularly mystical places are the little Romanesque church of “St. Jacob” at Langfenn Inn, the clay pyramids in Glanig and the Stoanernen Mandln, a Celtic religious site situated at 2,000 meters altitude.

The Stoanernen Mandln

This place of energy in Jenesien has always been shrouded in countless myths and legends, a place reputed to be magical. According to traditional court records from 1540, it was believed that witches’ dances and devil’s celebrations had taken place here. The Stoanernen Mandln has lost none of its power so far. And of course, the fantastic 360° perspective from an altitude of 2,000 meters looking out over the Sarner Scharte, the Rittner Horn high plateau, the Rosengarten, the Schlern, the Weißhorn, the Mendel, the Ortler, the Ifinger and the Hirzer mountains only adds the final element.