The larch at the Belvedere Hotel

The soothing power of our local larches has been known since ancient times – and we are reviving them once again.

Larix decidua, also known as the European larch, defines the hiking area of Jenesien-Salten, which may call itself “Europe’s greatest larch meadow”. The larch is not only a useful and versatile tree impressive for its elegant, bright beauty, but it also possesses a very special healing power. The larch was used already in ancient times by Paracelsus and Pliny to create larch balm for the treatment of rheumatism and sciatica. Larch needles used as bath additives clear the air passages, whereas the woody-spicy larch oil and resin influence our breathing, clear mental tensions and have an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect on our muscles.

Our Belessere SPA

In the wellness oasis of the beautiful Belvedere Hotel, we use this knowledge to our own advantage. In our BelessereSpa you can indulge in a circulation-stimulating massage with larch oil, while our breathing massage has an invigorating effect on the bronchi and the entire heart-lung circulation, and a larch bath clears the respiratory tract and the mucous membranes.