Jenesien, home of the famous Haflinger horses

Experience the unique natural landscape of the hiking area Salten-Jenesien from an unusual perspective: on horseback or on a “Haflinger”, riding on bridleways and forest roads and through scenic pastures to the next hut.

A ride in the countryside is a great way to combine adventure and sport. Riding is demanding on your abdominal and back muscles, and relieves your backbone on a long term basis. And where else to better experience this than in Jenesien, home to the famous Haflinger horses?

At the numerous horse farms in and around Jenesien, a varied offer of horses is at hand. Whether alone, on a guided ride with like-minded people, or on a cozy, romantic carriage ride, just trot away your daily stress.

Der Haflinger:

The Haflinger horses are characterized by their surefootedness, gentle temperament and good nature. In earlier days, this horse was used mainly as a workhorse, but nowadays, the flaxen pack horse is mainly a popular recreational horse.

On the Tschögglberg mountain, the Haflinger horses are still bred traditionally in small numbers on the farms.

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