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Infinity pool was awesome
"The hotel is high up on the mountain, and this adds a special character to the place, ideal for those who like to travel through the mountains, the hotel provides tickets for public transport."— Vlado, Booking
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Bergmeis­ter & Wolf

„You shouldn’t build in a place, but rather you should build the place itself“


We are always intent on moving with the times, but also on ensuring that we meet the needs of our guests. With this in mind, we turned to our trusting architects, Michaela Wolf and Gerd Bergmeister, in a bid to be able to offer you more comfort,
room and intimacy in 2019.

A surprise awaits!


“Our task was to give Hotel Belvedere a common message, to continue running the business leaving some areas as they are and at the same time adding in some new elements. It is also a continuation of the concept of materiality, colour and light, where the focus is on the landscape as the connecting element between the architecture and the place. By using natural materials such as dyed exposed concrete, a coursely structured surface and wooden windows made from oak, helps to create a symbiosis with nature, on one hand evolving but at the same time growing together.


 We took inspiration from nature‘s colour palette and planned to build the extension, comprising ten new suites, in such a way that they are set into the porphyritic rock and blend in and become one with the natural landscape. The landscape was pulled over the roof so-to-speak, thereby creating continuity of terrain and views. The pool extension also included a new outdoor sauna with a wonderful view over Bolzano in the distance. The main focus of Hotel Belvedere is and remains the landscape, the view and the positioning of the new rooms within the existing area. Spacious rooms flooded with light combine with nature to provide magical views”
- Prof. Dr. Michaela Wolf & Dr. Gerd Bergmeister -

Ho­tel & De­sign Award 2019

HOTEL&DESIGN, the prestigious magazin about architecture and design in luxury hotels, nominated us as winner of the category wellness.

Since march 2019!

  • Extension of our panoramic terrace, bar & lounge
  • New hill-top suite: Amira - with a beautiful view over the Dolomites
  • External sauna with amazing view over Bolzano
  • Enlargement of the Spa and relaxation area
  • Expansion of the buffet area and kitchen
  • Storage room for MTB’s and hiking equipment
  • Underground parking with 40 parking spaces
  • Dedicated room for yoga, workout and seminars

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„Great stay at the Belvedere. Second visit and there will be more. Nicely located hotel with great facilities. A big bonus for the staff - always smiling, welcoming and caring.“

Vlado, Booking

„We began our vacation in Italy at the Hotel Belvedere, and it was a perfect stay. We requested a room with a view, but I assume the majority of the rooms have great views. Ours, however, was breathtaking. Amazing to wake up every morning at sunrise and go out on the balcony and take in the gorgeous panorama.“

Cassie L, TripAdvisor
Hotel Belvedere

Fam. Reichhalter-Leonhardy

Pichl 15 , Jenesien 39050
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