Your hosts at the 4*s Hotel Belvedere near Bolzano

Luxury lies in simplicity, in contentment. We lay the unique view of the Belvedere at your feet. We, your hosts at the 4*s Hotel Belvedere, want to put a smile on the lips of our guests. Your hosts are Renate Reichhalter and Dr. Hans Leonardy - and a large team of motivated staff who will sweeten your stay.


With our Belvedere 4*s Hotel we have created a refuge to revive and breathe again. In the midst of nature & silence that teach us to listen properly. For holidays that melt in your mouth and sustainably refresh you. For moments and memories that delight your heart. That's what we and our team work for every day with heart - and a lot of love for our homeland.

Our team

Our team is - without any exaggeration - the best we could wish for. This could be due to the fact that approx. 85% of our employees come from the surrounding area. Or - which is rather unusual in the hotel business - that the majority of our staff have been with us for 5, 10 or more years. In any case, we are very happy that our employees have remained loyal to us for so long!

4*s Hotel Belvedere - Architecture 

Belvedere is when award-winning architecture brings to life 65 years of living family tradition. Architecture that takes nature as its model and is modern, sustainable and close to nature at the same time. 
Where you breathe peace - feel free and close to nature in retreats with a forest and far-reaching view.   
We want to protect nature as a source of strength for all of us. That's why we operate sustainably and use wood pellets for energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating. And the sun heats the water via the solar system.

Breathe in and immerse yourself

Cosy ambience, attentive hosts, highest comfort. Your gaze glides over the incomparable panorama from the Bolzano valley to the Dolomites. Nature and silence all around, peace spreads through you. Everyday thoughts pass by like clouds - you breathe a sigh of relief. You dive deeper and deeper. Into the silence. Into nature. Into the Belvedere.