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Infinity pool was awesome
"The hotel is high up on the mountain, and this adds a special character to the place, ideal for those who like to travel through the mountains, the hotel provides tickets for public transport."— Vlado, Booking
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Not larg­er, but bet­ter – the Belvedere is chang­ing

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A peace­ful re­treat for both the body and soul

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My lit­tle sis­ter is here!

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More and More Well­ness

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Re­design of a few rooms

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Reg­u­lar guest bonus for 2014

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„I played an intimate unplanned show last night in the stunningly beautiful city of Bolzano at Hotel Belvedere Jenesien and had a really special experience. The owner Renate and her entire staff were so welcoming and professional and everyone made me feel very appreciated. I met interesting people from Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland and NYC! Thank you for all of the love and first class accommodations. I have traveled all over the world and stayed at thousands of differenr hotels and this hotel is in the top 5! Music unites! I'll be back in the Spring! “

Hayes, Booking

„This is our second time enjoying your beautiful hotel “

Moldov, TripAdvisor
Hotel Belvedere

Fam. Reichhalter-Leonhardy

Pichl 15 , Jenesien 39050
South Tyrol , Italy