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Infinity pool was awesome
"The hotel is high up on the mountain, and this adds a special character to the place, ideal for those who like to travel through the mountains, the hotel provides tickets for public transport."— Vlado, Booking
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A peaceful retreat for both the body and soul

In the words of John Ruskin, a British writer and art critic, “All works of architecture, as well as providing physical protection, are intended to have an impact on the human spirit.” This is a quotation which I only came across by chance, but which has stuck firmly in my memory ever since. The question behind it is indeed very philosophical: why do we go to so much trouble when we build something? Wouldn’t a simple roof over our heads be enough? My reply is “no, not at all.” Buildings are much more than that, they are a nest, a retreat or a refuge, in which we want to, and should, feel safe and comfortable – and this is particularly true of a hotel.

It is precisely this line of thinking that has inspired the redesign of our hotel in 2019. We are not looking for a quantitative extension, but rather a qualitative one. Together with our architects Prof. Dr. Michaela Wolf and Dr. Gerd Bergmeister, we want to transform this vision into reality. The façade, the interior and the surroundings are conceived as one unit: the topography of the land serves as the connecting element between architecture and location. And we have been inspired not least by the natural setting and the local terrain. Using colours, shapes and materials we want to remove the distinction between interior and exterior and thus create an area in which our guests - and we, too – can really relax and let ourselves go.

What is now being created will be available for your pleasure and enjoyment. New slope suites which blend perfectly into the landscape, the new sauna with a spectacular view, new pleasure gardens with a natural pond – these and lots more features will be here for you to enjoy from March 2019. More comfort, more luxury, more wellness – more Belvedere.

Hans Leonhardy 18. February 2019

„Great stay at the Belvedere. Second visit and there will be more. Nicely located hotel with great facilities. A big bonus for the staff - always smiling, welcoming and caring.“

Vlado, Booking

„We began our vacation in Italy at the Hotel Belvedere, and it was a perfect stay. We requested a room with a view, but I assume the majority of the rooms have great views. Ours, however, was breathtaking. Amazing to wake up every morning at sunrise and go out on the balcony and take in the gorgeous panorama.“

Cassie L, TripAdvisor
Hotel Belvedere

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