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Infinity pool was awesome
"The hotel is high up on the mountain, and this adds a special character to the place, ideal for those who like to travel through the mountains, the hotel provides tickets for public transport."— Vlado, Booking
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Not larger, but better – the Belvedere is changing

Change is the only constant in life. And the Belvedere, too, is constantly changing. Always seeking to offer its guests the highest quality, Schönblick, the small guest house in Jenesien, has developed into today’s 4* Hotel Belvedere.  Our well-established hotel has been run for 65 years by our family, whose credo has always been: “The guests should not simply stay with us, they live with us.”

Let us reflect briefly on the historical developments. When Frieda Pollinger (whom our restaurant is named after) and her husband Martl Reichhalter bought the hotel in the 1960s, the people in the gastronomy business all shook their heads. How could you possible hope to run such a business successfully if it was not situated directly on a busy main road? As you can see, even popular opinion can change over time. By putting their heart and soul into the task, the couple was able, in a comparatively short time, to create a popular hotel and restaurant which became known within and beyond the boundaries of the Bozen area.

With the next generation of hosts came the greatest of the changes. In 2016, to offer our guests the maximum in comfort and convenience, came the Belvedere “slope extension” which was harmoniously added to the existing building and integrated perfectly into the surrounding terrain. This extension provided space for the slope suites, the outdoor swimming pool, the gymnasium area and the relaxation rooms. 

In addition to the architectural developments, the soul of the hotel was also redefined. Dolce Vita found its way into the Belvedere, a sense of Mediterranean ease, an Italian culture of pleasure. The former pragmatism of Schönblick was blended with the Belvedere’s new lifestyle to produce a very distinctive atmosphere of which we are very proud.

Now we are facing the next restructuring phase. And our guiding principle this time is ‘not larger, but better’. We are seeking to provide our guests with added quality, with a bit more comfort, a little bit more luxury to make their hard-earned holidays that much more enjoyable. We will have to blast away the bedrock – literally and metaphorically – so that new concepts can be brought in. We aim to create a place in which you can relax and feel completely at ease; that is our objective. So, you have every reason to be curious and excited about the new developments that await you on 29 March 2019!

Hans Leonhardy 18. February 2019
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„I played an intimate unplanned show last night in the stunningly beautiful city of Bolzano at Hotel Belvedere Jenesien and had a really special experience. The owner Renate and her entire staff were so welcoming and professional and everyone made me feel very appreciated. I met interesting people from Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland and NYC! Thank you for all of the love and first class accommodations. I have traveled all over the world and stayed at thousands of differenr hotels and this hotel is in the top 5! Music unites! I'll be back in the Spring! “

Hayes, Booking

„This is our second time enjoying your beautiful hotel “

Moldov, TripAdvisor
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